On Informatics

Alexis Turner

Alexis Turner is a Research Associate with the Department of Medical Informatics at OHSU. She is the department webmaster, technical advisor, and courseware administrator. She has a BA from Sarah Lawrence College with a dual concentration in Forensic Science and the History of Science.

Alexis is endlessly fascinated by the Internet and the possibility of using it as a tool for better understanding vast amounts of data. To this end, her latest research interests include the intersection of art, science, technology, and engineering; data visualization; cognition; networking; and human computer interaction. Although not a medical informatician, she believes that her interests overlap significantly with those of the field, and continues to find unexpected insight from her work with the department.

Of course, she also finds these accidental associations from endless forays into anything and everything, including cooking, forensic diving, travelling the world, confidence men, pranks, photography, pirate radio, cheese, mapping, and several other things too numerous to mention, so we're not really sure just how trustworthy she is.

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